BA Helper

Help Your BAs Get Compliant

BA Helper is a new cost effective and efficient tool for helping a covered entity (CE) get “satisfactory assurances” that their business associates (BAs) are protecting PHI in compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, HIPAA Security Rule and HITECH.  Using BA Helper not only helps to mitigate risks, it also demonstrates due diligence that the CE is appropriately addressing risks associated with BAs. This is a free service to the CE.

The CE uploads their BA list into the BA Helper portal where it can be accessed by all authorized CE employees.  The initial set of reports help sort by affiliate and by date of signed business associate agreement (BAA).  Next an email is sent to BAs with a link to an on-line survey that identifies the type of PHI accessed, how it is accessed and stored, and efforts to safeguard it.


As the surveys are returned the BA database is enriched with the survey data.  Based on a risk-based weighting of the answers, the risk level of each BAs is calculated. 



The At-A-Glance version shows the BAs in red, yellow or green risk categories or the drill down reveals each BA’s actual answers to the survey. More sophisticated reporting is available on this database.

BAs are offered reasonable and appropriate remediation services by Compliance Helper.  These are designed to be cost effective and efficient for BAs ranging from 1099 workers to SMB (Small Medium Business) size organizations.  Their results are reflected by the Compliance Metertm or drill down into their actual compliance activities thus providing complete transparency to the CE.  The BA can also offer proof of on-going compliance to their other CE clients.

For more information or a demo of BA Helper contact Jack Anderson, or call him directly at 707-217-8864.