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Certified NIST Risk Assessment for HIPAA compliance

A certified NIST risk assessment is your best proof of HIPAA compliance.  Jumpstart delivers a quarterly certified NIST risk assessment.

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What is a NIST CSF and why should I care?

A NIST CSF is a National Institute of Standards and Technology Cyber Security Framework which can deliver an equivalent to "HIPAA Certification".  By meeting the standards including periodic risk assessments you can provide proof that you are doing all that is needed to protect PHI.

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HIPAA Certificate:NIST CSF Risk Assessment

A risk assessment on the NIST CyberSecurity Framework (CSF) is your "certification" of HIPAA compliance.  It demonstrates the status of your security and privacy programs to others such as regulators, customers, partners, and shareholders.

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NIST CSF Risk Assessment Cycle

The NIST Framework works best when linked with NIST Policies and a cycle of reviewing and updating policies to match changes in the organization.  We call this the Cycle of Compliance.

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Your HIPAA Policies are Out of Date

HIPAA policies need to be built on a Cyber Security Framework (CSF) to be valid.  Old policies written by consultants, lawyers, in-house IT, or bought off the internet do not meet the new CSF standards.

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