HIPAA HITECH Compliance in 2 Hours a Week: The Compliance CO-OP

I frequently hear that HIPAA HITECH compliance is too hard and too expensive for small companies.  Not so with the Compliance CO-OP.  For a setup cost of $125 dollars you get policies, procedures, and forms delivered in an interactive format on the Internet.  You get a human Helper who is an expert in privacy and security assigned to you who will answer all your questions and give you good advice.  For only $35 per month and an hour or two per week of staff time you get a maintenance program that keeps you compliant and then you get a Compliance Meter tm to demonstrate to others that you are up to date and compliant.

Every month you get a new task list of 10-12 tasks that you need to perform to stay compliant.  At the end of the month you fill out a monthly attestation form which contains a 5 question quiz and a signed statement that you have performed your tasks.  Your score is then calculated and delivered to your Compliance Meter tm.

This combination of personal help, a task centered process, and metrics to measure and display your performance is only available from Compliance Helper.  We have years of experience with hundreds of clients in delivering compliance help over the Internet.

For a personal demonstration, email me, jack@compliancehelper.com or call me, Jack Anderson at 866-984-3573, ext 709.


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Compliance using "CO-OP" model

From: jack brosel, 09/19/10 08:32 AM

This is an intriguing model but will not pass the smell test once complaints and investigations take place. As your compliance person reviews in her blog back in 2009, "security policies must be specific to each company". The CO-OP model does not assist in making policies specific, or does it? The other cost of compliance is the physical access controls aspect - how is this addressed in the CO-OP model? Remember the old saying, "you get what you pay for"? It still holds true.