HIPAA HITECH Compliance: The Cost

In reviewing the actual cost of getting HIPAA HITECH compliant we have seen that the costs are much lower than projected.  Naturally the cost varies by the size of the organization and complexity of their business model, but let's take a look at some examples.

At the low end we have a four employee company who is a member of our new Compliance CO-OP.  The inital setup cost is $125 and the ongoing maintenance cost is $35 per month.  For this they get pre-edited policies, procedures, and forms, a personal Helper to provide advice and oversight, and a Compliance Metertm to demonstrate their compliance to their business partners such as covered entities and business associates.  Staff costs consisted of 25 hours of staff time to reach intial compliance.  This can be spread over several months or done in the first month if necessary.  After the inital compliance level is reached they need about 1 hour per month to stay compliant.  25 hours of staff time and $125 in hard costs to get compliant and then 2 hours plus $35 in hard costs for maintenance.

A larger company  with 10 employees and over 300 business associates signed up for our Prepare program.  This took them through a step by step process of reviewing, editing, or accepting without editing, policies, procedures and form templates, supported by a personal Helper.  They ended up with a complete privacy and security program tailored to their organization.  The staff time for Prepare was 40 hours and once they were on our Care maintenance program their monthly staff time was 1 hour per month.  The hard cost for Prepare was $995 and the monthly maintenance is $99.50.

The secret sauce is the technology and methodology that allows the Helper to interact with the client over the Internet.  The Helper can see everything that the clients is doing, offer advice, encouragement, and occasional nagging to keep them on track. 

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