"Weeks not Months" for HIPAA HITECH Final Rule

It seems that OCR is taking their responsibility to deliver the Final Rule seriously, since her joke was that either it would be out soon or she would be out soon.  I am still amazed that it has been well over a year since the law went into effect and still folks are delaying and denying.  Obviously we have a dog in this fight since we help organizations get compliant, stay compliant and prove compliance with our Compliance Metertm but it good to hear that she is hopeful for "weeks not months".

Now let's talk about the tsunami of organizations seeking compliance once the rule is issued.  HHS estimates 1 to 2 million business associates will need to get compliant and many of them have sub-contractors that will need to become compliant.  Scalability will be an issue for compliance consultants.  This is where cloud computing will shine.  With the Compliance Helper automated sign on and payment process thousands of accounts will be able to select the service appropriate for their company; CO-OP, Prepare/Care, or Master Program, sign an agreement, get training, be assigned a Helper, get their passwords and start the compliance process.  The CO-OP is for orgnizations with 5 employees or fewer and it only costs $125 to get started and $35 a month for maintenance.  They get policies, procedures, forms, a step by step process, a personal Helper, and a Compliance Metertm for proof of compliance.  Larger organizations can sign up for Prepare/Care starting at $495 and $49.50 a month and large enterprises can manage hundreds of business units from a central location for only $15,000 plus maintenance.


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From: Frank Mann, 05/19/11 08:43 AM

HI Jack,

We spoke some time ago and I would like to have another conversation. It appears we could partner up and do well together in the Release of Information area.

Please cal when you have time. You can sample our abilities at www.hicsolutions.com. there is a free 30 day trial there. Simple easy to use and a great tool.


Frank Mann