Risk Assessment Critical for MACRA

The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA) affects reimbursement for practices and having an up to date HIPAA risk assessment is a key factor in your MIPS Composite Performance Score.

We recently gave a couple of webinars on: Quarterly Risk Assessments: The New Standard?  You might ask the question;  Why would I want four root canals a year instead of one?  My answer would be; If you get four teeth cleanings per year you won't need the root canal.

The current model for risk assessments is for a consultant to travel to your site.  Spend a day, with your staff "drinking from a fire hose".  Go away and send you an incomprehensible report and a huge bill.  Root Canal!

How do we make quarterly risk assessments easy and affordable?  The answer is automation and the Cycle of Compliance.  The cycle is driven by the quarterly risk assessment, updating policies, and training staff.  This is all done on the Internet in a Software as a Service model.  You get a HIPAA expert assigned to your account who checks all of your work and answers all of your questions.  You get  a monthly task lists of compliance tasks you need to accomplish and documentation that you have accomplished them.  A few hours per month can keep you in compliance.  Teeth Cleaning!

Pricing is based on the size and complexity of your organization with prices starting at $99 setup and $29.50  per month.  You can get a feel for the process at our website www.compliancehelper.com and small organizations (20 or fewer employees) can try the Free HIPAA Risk Assessment.

For more information send an email to me at Jack@compliancehelper.com 


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