The HIPAA HITECH Compliance Meter (tm)

Compliance Helper has just applied for trademark rights to Compliance Metertm. Due to the unique design of our software and our methodology, we can present a real time picture of the ongoing compliance of a facility needing to meet HIPAA HITECH privacy and security standards.

There is an old joke about a father explaining how a thermos works to his son.  "It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold", he says, to which the son asks "How does it know?"

You might well ask the same of the Compliance Metertm. The underlying framework is a technology and methodology developed initially to help healtcare facilities prepare for an accreditation survey from The Joint Commission.  We have adapted this for HIPAA HITECH privacy and security standards.

The process works like this: HHS and other agencies develop standards, our privacy and security consultants write policy, procedure, and forms templates that meet these standards.  The facility's staff are guided by a personal Helper through an on-line,  step by step process of reviewing and editing them to match their internal processes.  The Helper then checks the edits to make sure that they have not taken them out of compliance.  If approved, they move into a library of approved templates and the software keeps track of their progress.  When they have achieve scores of 100 in all categories they are ready to move to our maintenance program, called Care

In Care they receive a monthly list of tasks they must complete in order to stay in compliance.  As these are accomplished and checked off the system calculates their score.  In addition to tasks they may also receive new or revised policy, procedure, or form templates to reflect changes or additions to the standards.  Their score will drop until they have gone through the review, edit, and approval cycle.

Their personal Helper provides advice and oversight by being able to see all of their actions.  The system also keeps a history of their actions to provide an audit trail.

Thus a viewer can with great confidence look at a facility's Compliance Metertm to ascertain their compliance level at that moment.

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