Rebecca Herold Amoung Top 5 Privacy Writers on HIPAA HITECH

Rebecca Herold is our HIPAA HITECH privacy and security expert here at Compliance Helper and we are proud to announce that one of her articles was chosen by the Cutter Consortium as one of the top 5 intriguing risk articles of 2009


"Top 5 Intriguing Risk Articles of 2009
by Karen Coburn, President & CEO, Cutter Consortium
This week, we're taking a look back at the five most intriguing articles published in Cutter's Enterprise Risk Management & Governance practice over this past year."

2. Avoiding Common Mistakes in Information Security and Privacy Training and Awareness Programs by Rebecca Herold
In this article, I describe the 14 mistakes organizations consistently make that render training and awareness programs ineffective and often even detrimental to information security and privacy efforts. This is Part II of a three-part series on information security and privacy training.

We will be making this article available on our website under the Resources tab.

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