HIPAA HITECH Breach Notification

Our business is to help you prevent breaches and to give you the data to prove your efforts.  Despite this, a breach might occur. 


I recently met with a privacy and security consultant and a representative of one of the top breach notification companies and we concluded that the wise organization subscribed to all three of our services.  The  consultant to do risk analysis to pinpoint areas that need improvemen, Compliance Helper to help them get compliant, stay compliant, and prove compliance with the Compliance Meter(tm) , and the breach notification service as an insurance policy in case a breach occurs.  HHS has made it clear that if their audit reveals that an organization has actively striven to protect their PHI the penalties will be much less than if an organization is guilty of "willful neglect"


“Breaches on average cost an organization $4.1 million or $197 per record breached.”
-- Source: Javelin Research
“Data Breach Defense 2009”
January 2009


Engaging the consultant, Compliance Helper, and the breach notification company,  and utilizing their tools is the ounce of prevention needed to prevent an expensive cure.

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