HIPAAssure® Micro

This service comes fully set up for business associates with fewer than 5 employees and that meet certain other requirements.

You get pre-edited policies, procedures, and forms, a monthly task list, and a Compliance Meter™ to demonstrate your on-going compliance.

Who This Plan is For

This plan is for small business associates (BA) and subcontractors that:

  1. Have 1-5 employees
  2. Do not have multiple departments
  3. Have all employees working together in one location
  4. Have no more than two dedicated computers
  5. Are located in a separate home office space or other type of space
  6. Do not process credit card payments directly with credit card companies (e.g., are not required to follow PCI-DSS)
  7. Do not send business or personal information across country borders

Staying Compliant

You will receive a set of policies and procedures that you must read and accept. You will also receive a library of forms that you can download and edit to fit your organization. You will get a monthly list of tasks that need to be accomplished to stay compliant. The system will document your compliance activities and show your progress through the Compliance Meter®. 


Setup cost: $99

Monthly cost: $29.50/month begins after sign-up

Terms & Conditions