The Compliance Meter® Proves Compliance

HIPAAssure® Meters

Why do I need a Meter?

Health and Human Services (HHS) states that HIPAA compliance is a process,
an on-going process, and has refused to develop a method for certification of an
organization’s HIPAA compliance.  A dynamic process demands a dynamic
method of measuring progress.  With the Compliance Meter ® you know where you are at all times
and you can prove it to your business partners and clients.

Measuring your on-going compliance activities

Updating policies, procedures, and forms, and completing compliance tasks

Displaying through Compliance Meter ®

Know your current level of HIPAA compliance at all times

Post on Your Website

Put the Compliance Meter ® on your website to prove you are compliant on an on-going basis



Jumpstart Meters

Three Meters:

The three core requirements of HIPAA compliance are represented.  Green means up to date, Yellow indicates one quarter behind, and Red indicates two or more quarters behind.


Updating Risk Assessments

Quarterly risk assessments using the automated tool are easily accomplished.


Updating Policies

Policies are edited and updated under the supervision of a HIPAA expert called a Helper.


Staff Training

On-line training with a quiz and a certificate for the staff member, document training compliance.