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Jumpstart is an automated process that can eliminate up to 40% of the HIPAA policies that don’t apply to a small organization.

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HIPAA Compliance & Training Solutions

Our Jumpstart program enables small companies to become HIPAA compliant within as little as 72 hours. It is for companies with no more than 20 employees and a single location.

We have a range of offerings for larger or more complex organizations, including:

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“Compliance Helper takes the guesswork out of HIPAA compliance. We have access to advice and review from a HIPAA expert, online portal also guides us, so we know exactly what tasks, forms, policies and procedures need to be updated.”

— Terry McCorvie, President/CEO, Workable Solutions, Inc.

“The Compliance Helper cloud based technology and task centered methodology are great, and the magic sauce is the Helper. Having a personal Helper is like adding a privacy and security expert to your staff at very low cost.”

— Jennifer Harkens, Director of Operations, Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants