Can You Prove HIPAA Compliance, Today?

Assure compliance with HIPAAssure® 

And also,

  • Templates of policies, procedures, and forms that meet Omnibus Rule standards
  • A step by step process of editing them to fit your organization
  • A Compliance Meter® to prove your compliance
  • A HIPAA Helper to answer your questions and check your work
  • Custom solutions for any size organization
  • Cost effective and efficient with On-Line Help

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Compliance Helper takes the guesswork out of HIPAA compliance. We have access to advice and review from a HIPAA expert, online portal also guides us, so we know exactly what tasks, forms, policies and procedures need to be updated. We use the real-time Compliance Meter on our website, so clients know we take HIPAA seriously.”

— Terry McCorvie, President/CEO, Workable Solutions, Inc. Past-President - National Association of Professional Benefits Administrators

“The Compliance Helper cloud based technology and task centered methodology are great, and the magic sauce is the Helper. Having a personal Helper is like adding a privacy and security expert to your staff at very low cost.

— Jennifer Harkens, Director of Operations, Musculoskeletal Imaging Consultants

Check Your HIPAA Compliance

Our free HIPAA compliance checklist will give you a quick assessment of your situation.

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The HIPAA Compliance Meter® Proves Your Compliance

Every plan comes with our trademarked Compliance Meters to help you track your progress. Compliance meters can be used for internal assessment of your progress or they can be placed on your website to show your clients and business partners that you are HIPAA compliant.

You may also offer your business partners or regulatory agencies complete transparency with a read-only log-in to view all of your compliance activities.