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Risk Assessment Critical for MACRA

An up do date risk assessment is a key element in your MIPS Composite Performance Score.  The MACRA Act which was passed with bilateral support in Congress uses the MIPS score to determine reimbursement for practices.

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Storing encrypted ePHI in the Cloud? Still Need HIPAA Compliance

If you create, receive, maintain, or transmit ePHI you are a business associate and must be HIPAA compliant, even if the data is encrypted and you don't have the key.  Thus saith OCR.

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Quarterly Risk Assessments Might Have Saved St Josephs $10 Million

Leaving 31,800 patient records open and accessible on the Internet cost St Josephs Hospital a $7.5 million dollar settlement of a class action suit and a $2.145 million dollar fine from OCR.  Quarterly risk assessments might have revealed the problem sooner or prevented it from happening at all.

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Got PHI in The Cloud?: Get HIPAA Compliant!

HHS issued new guidelines for covered entities or business associates who use cloud computing to create, maintain, store, transfer, or process PHI.   In a nutshell, every entity involved in the process must be HIPAA compliant even if the data is encrypted.

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Outdated BA Agreements: $400,000 Fine

Old business associate agreements cost Care New England Health System, Providence, R.I. a $400,000 fine.  Business associate agreements need to be updated to reflect current law plus you need to get "suitable assurances" that they are compliant.

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