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The HIPAAssure® NIST Framework vs HITRUST

Compliance Helper offers the NIST framework at a fraction of the cost of HITRUST.  Assure compliance with HIPAAssure®, built on the NIST framework, delivered in the SaaS method, and with the Helper methodology to reduce cost.  

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HIPAA Risk Assessment: Get Out Of Jail Free Card

An up to date HIPAA risk assessment is the one single proof of HIPAA compliance that can prevent huge fines and possible jail time.  No matter what else you have done if you don't have an official (NIST) and up to date (at least annually) HIPAA risk assessment you are probably in willful neglect.

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HIPAA Willful Neglect Can Cause Bankruptcy

Willful Neglect of HIPAA compliance has caused companies to go bankrupt.  How would you handle a six figure penalty from OCR?

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Demand Quarterly Risk Assessments From BAs

One wonders what would be revealed if all companies accessing ePHI were to do a comprehensive risk assessment today.  How many breaches would be discovered? A breach of nearly 400,000 patient records occurred on a server maintained by a BA.  The breach was discovered by an outside person 11 months after it occurred.

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OCR Steps Up Investigation of Smaller HIPAA Breaches

“We’re doing more investigations of smaller breaches … I think you’re going to see more of that in terms of entities with whom we enter corrective action plans,” reiterated Deven McGraw, Esq., OCR deputy director of health information privacy at the 88th annual American Health Information Management (AHIMA) conference held October 16-19 in Baltimore, MD

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