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HHS Whacks Texas HHS

The OCR division of HHS imposed a penalty of $1.6 on the Texas HHSC for a breach of the ePHI of 6,000 individuals and the failure to remediate or respond.

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Do You Speak NIST?

You don't have to speak NIST to get HIPAA compliant on the NIST Cyber Security Framework. (CSF)

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58% of Healthcare Organizations on NIST CSF

58% of healthcare organizations are on the NIST CSF, you should be too.

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NIST Videos

Why HIPAA on NIST CSF and Upgrade to NIST CSF are two new videos by Compliance Helper.

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The Case for a Cybersecurity Framework

An excellent article about adopting a cybersecurity framework in a small healthcare orgainization.


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