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OCR Steps Up Investigation of Smaller HIPAA Breaches

Beginning this month, OCR, through the continuing hard work of its Regional Offices, (my emphasis) has begun an initiative to more widely investigate the root causes of
breaches affecting fewer than 500 individuals.  OCR-Announcement-8-18-16.pdf

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Business Associate Exposes 650,000 Patient Records

In a breach reminiscent of the Anthem HIPAA breach, a business associate left 650,000 patient records exposed on the Internet.  R-C Healthcare Management a business associate of Bon Secour was adjusting their network settings and left the patient records exposed from April 18 through April 21.

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Cybercriminals are after your HIPAA data

Almost 30% of health care data breaches in July attributed to cybercriminals, according to Health IT Smart Brief.  Many of these records were posted on the dark net for sale by The Dark Overlord.

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HIPAA Audits and Penalties for Business Associates

Huge fines and audits are the signal that HIPAA compliance is entering a new era for business associates.  A $650,000 fine was assessed for a business associate that lost an unencrypted and non-password protected I-Phone and the audit letters are on their way.

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Prevent Ransomware: Security Awareness Training

Hackers are taking advantage of the most vulnerable point of entry into your computer network; your staff.  Security awareness training is the most important factor in preventing ransomware.

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