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HIPAA Audits and Penalties for Business Associates

Huge fines and audits are the signal that HIPAA compliance is entering a new era for business associates.  A $650,000 fine was assessed for a business associate that lost an unencrypted and non-password protected I-Phone and the audit letters are on their way.

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Prevent Ransomware: Security Awareness Training

Hackers are taking advantage of the most vulnerable point of entry into your computer network; your staff.  Security awareness training is the most important factor in preventing ransomware.

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Revitalize Your HIPAA Program with a Risk Assessment

HIPAA compliance can be like an old battery that just loses it's spark over time.  A risk assessment can help you Jumpstart that old tired HIPAA battery

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Sorry Laura and ecfirst, Still No HIPAA Certification

"We are very excited about the recertification by ecfirst,” said Laura Huska, Head of IT. “HIPAA continues to be a critical certification for ISI as many of our healthcare clients rely on this standard to meet their compliance needs when using ISI’s UC Reporting application.”   Sorry Laura, there is no such thing as HIPAA certification thus no HIPAA recertification.

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BA Security is Worse Than You Think!

I changed the headline of this blog to reflect my personal observations in talking with hundreds of business associates (BAs).  BA security is bad because most BAs don't know the requirements let alone how to meet them.  CE security is bad because a lot of CEs are blase bout HIPAA or rely on outdated views of the requirements.

BA Security Is Probably a Lot Worse Than You Think
Tally of Health Data Breaches Apparently Undercounts Incidents Involving BAs
Marianne Kolbasuk McGee (HealthInfoSec) • May 13, 2016 

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