Automated Risk Assessment: Best Value

There are many models and approaches to a HIPAA risk assessment.  For the solo worker it might be enough to follow a checklist, but for any organization of 5 or more employees a more sophisticated approach is needed.  For most companies an automated approach using Internet tools combined with human experts is the best approach.

The old model was for a consultant to go to the site and gather information.  Sometimes this took more than one visit.  Then they would crunch the numbers and produce their risk assessment reports.  Another trip back to the site to report the results and present the bill for thousands of dollars.

In the "TurboRisk" version a tool called an SCAP scanner is used to collect information from the computer network.  An on-line questionnaire gathers further information.  The data are analyzed and the report sent.  A risk assessment expert then goes over the reports in an on-line meeting.  By eliminating the travel time and expense the process is less expensive and more efficient.  Follow up reports can be generated by the user after addressing the gaps revealed by the reports.  This on-going process creaates the Cycle of Compliance that protects the company.

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"Automated HIPAA Risk Assessment "
Thu, Jun 9, 2016 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM PDT
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