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We have helped clients manage HIPAA compliance since 2009 and DoD compliance since 2017.

The Jumpstart and ACRMS programs deliver a cost effective and simple process for putting policies and procedures in place and managing the process of compliance.

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“The Jumpstart program enabled us to create policies, a POAM, SSP and DoDAM report for our client to achieve a score of 110. In a matter of days, we accomplished what would have taken weeks without these tools. Our customer is now a solid 110 and fully prepared for any audit or discussions with potential business partners.”

George Baldonado
President & CEO
Oasis Technology, Inc.

“The Jumpstart program and our Helper enabled us to edit the policies and forms needed for our Basic Assessment in 20 hours. Compliance Helper created our SSP, POAM, and DoDAM score for posting on the SPRS site in less than a week. A true bargain for $495.”

Pete Singletary
Easy Way Insulation, Inc.,
and Steve Griffith
A1 Networks