Need To Post On SPRS or Achieve a High DoDAM Score?

Basic Assessment (CMMC 1)

Basic Assessment program in Jumpstart contains 22 policies, 46 NIST Safeguards, training and a step by step process guided by a compliance expert called a Helper. The process usually takes about a week and produces all the documentation needed to post on SPRS. The DoDAM report, POAM and SSP support your posting. The cost is $595 initial cost and $59.50 a month to maintin your compliance. A fully implemented Basic Assessment will produce a negative DoDAM score. To achieve a higher DoDAM score you need to upgrade to our High DoDAM program. High DoDAM consists of 80 policies which contain all 110 NIST Safeguards. When fully implemented they can produce a DoDAM score of 110.

Jumpstart Features

  • Policy Templates
  • On-line Process
  • Support from Expert Helper

ACRMS Features

  • Uses NIST protocols
  • Continuously updated using DoD standards


  • Develop Policies in Jumpstart
  • Input policy data into ACRMS
  • Input anti-virus and intrusion detection data
  • Input Cybertasks data
  • Generate compliance report such as NIST CSF Risk Assessment, POAM, SSP, DoDAM