Jumpstart for DoDAM, CUI, DFARS

An Online Automated Policy Development and Risk Assessment Tool

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Compliance Helper (CH) has teamed with ACR2 Solutions (ACR) to bring you a cost effective and efficient method for developing your security policies and for managing your compliance tasks. Jumpstart is an online policy development tool and ACRMS is an automated process for managing tasks and reporting.

Jumpstart Features

  • Policy Templates
  • On-line Process
  • Support from Expert Helper

ACRMS Features

  • Uses NIST protocols
  • Continuously updated using DoD standards
  • Video and online support


  • Develop Policies in Jumpstart
  • Input policy data into ACRMS
  • Input anti-virus and intrusion detection data
  • Input Cybertasks data
  • Generate compliance report such as NIST CSF Risk Assessment, POAM, SSP, DoDAM