Jumpstart the NIST Framework

November 29, 2017

**Jumpstart the NIST Framework **
The Jumpstart model is built on the NIST Framework and software platform developed by ACR2 Solutions. Layered on this framework is the Helper methodology developed by Compliance Helper.
Jumpstart takes the 186 safeguards in the NIST Framework and reduces them to as few as 98 that are “reasonable and appropriate” for each client. The ones marked NRA (Not Reasonable and Appropriate) are inactivated but still available for future use as needed. An answer of NRA is scored the same as a Yes in the risk assessment. Thus the client gets a Jumpstart on achieving full HIPAA compliance
The Helper model is task centered with a personal Helper assigned to each account. Monthly tasks include updating and editing security and privacy policies, documenting training, reviewing risk assessments, and many more compliance related tasks. The Helper reviews the progress, checks all edits for accuracy and answers any questions that might arise.
On a quarterly basis data from these activities is used to update their information in the NIST framework and a series of quarterly reports are issued through the ACR2 Solutions portal. On a daily basis the Compliance Meter® keeps staff and management up to date on their level of compliance. The risk assessment is a more granular view of compliance.
The risk assessment software developed by ACR2 Solutions has been in use for over a decade by mostly larger healthcare organizations. It is based on the most up to date versions of the NIST Framework. Coupling it with the Helper technology and methodology allows even very small organizations to get HIPAA compliant, stay HIPAA compliant, and prove HIPAA compliance at a very low cost.
ACR2 Solutions has implemented the latest upgrades to cybersecurity so the movement from HIPAA to the cybersecurity framework can be handled flawlessly.
Send an email to Jack@compliancehelper.com to arrange a GoToMeeting call where we can walk through the Jumpstart process and see how it might fit for your organization.

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