Simple HIPAA Checklist

July 31, 2018

The most popular blog I ever wrote was a HIPAA checklist of ten items needed to prove HIPAA compliance. The NIST CyberSecurityFramework or CSF is the new standard.

The process of getting on the NIST CSF for HIPAA has been simplified with the Jumpstart program from Compliance Helper. There are 139 Safeguards (Policies) required for HIPAA compliance.

  1. Identify Polices Not Reasonable or Appropriate (NRA)

  2. Baseline Risk Assessment (Free on website)

  3. Edit first 12 policy templates

  4. Schedule on-line security awareness training for staff

  5. Update NIST CSF risk assessment to demonstrate progress

  6. Repeat quarterly

With a few hours of work over several days you can achieve initial HIPAA compliance. By continuing to accomplish your monthly tasks you can remain HIPAA compliant and have your quaterly NIST CSF risk assessments as proof.

Go to and try the Free HIPAA Risk Assessment. Then contact me at for an on-line demonstration. Pricing starts at $249.

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