Athenahealth Accepts Our Client as HIPAA Compliant

September 25, 2018

Athenahealth approved Patient Education Genius as HIPAA compliant.
Patient Education Genius used the Jumpstart program from Compliance Helper and ACR2 Solutions to deliver a Certified NIST CSF Risk Assessment as documentation of their HIPAA compliance. The Jumpstart methodology allowed them to achieve this in 20 days at a cost of less than $1,000.
The Jumpstart portal provided templates of NIST policies and a HIPAA expert called a Helper to provide oversight of the editing process. Data pulled from the portal was used to update the risk assessment and deliver quarterly risk assessment reports. The on-line security awareness training program documented staff training to complete the Cycle of Compliance.

On-going compliance will be delivered through the Care program to maintain the Cycle of Compliance

For information on how to get HIPAA compliant and prove it, quickly, and cost effectively contact me: Jack

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