What is a NIST HIPAA Policy?

January 16, 2019

The NIST CSF (CyberSecurity Framework) provides a standard that has been lacking in HIPAA compliance. It is a solution to the problem created by HHS refusing to establish a “HIPAA Certification Process”.

The key to meeting the standards is adopting and implementing a policy written to meet the standards of the NIST CSF. Our HIPAA policy experts worked with cybersecurity experts from ACR2 Solutions to develop easy to understand policies that qualfied.

These NIST policies were then loaded onto the Compliance Helper software platform. The Jumpstart process leads users along a clear and logical path leading to a NIST CSF Risk Assessment. A HIPAA expert (Helper) is assigned to each account to provide oversight. Initial HIPAA complance can be accomplished in a few days and then monthly task list guide the maintenance requirements of the NIST CSF. Quarterly risk assessments reflect the progress made. The NIST CSF Risk assessment is accepted as the industry standard in healthcare for HIPAA compliance.

Together, Compliance Helper and ACR2 Solutions have developed an elegant solution to HIPAA certification. Your Certified NIST CSF Risk Assessment is your proof of HIPAA compliance.

Jack Anderson


Compliance Helper

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