Automated Quarterly Risk Assessments

February 21, 2019

Quarterly NIST CSF risk assessments have become the standard in other industries and this standard is now moving into healthcare. The advantages are clear; timely reporting for management and timely reminders for staff.

However the thought of annual risk assessments will cause most staff to break out in a cold sweat. Quaterly risk assessments will seem impossible. The solution is automation and the Jumpstart program from Compliance Helper and ACR2 Solutions provides the proof.

The focus for staff is policies, in this case NIST policies. A NIST policy is written to meet the standards of a specific NIST Safeguard. Staff members are responsible for editing templates of NIST policies to fit the organization and then adopting and implementing the policies.

For management, the Jumpstart program pulls data on a quarterly basis and enters it into the ACR2 Solutions Rapid Risk Assessment Engine. A set of reports is sent including a Certified NIST CSF Risk Assessment and a progress report highlighting areas of improvement. This automated method is supported by human Helpers assigned to each account. Automation With a Human Touch

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