August 15, 2019

The compliance officer of an organization with access to EPHI needs to know if they are HIPAA compliant. Due to the lack of a formal certification process authorized by HHS we, and other vendors, have tried to create other methods of deciding if an organization is HIPAA compliant. In our case we developed the Compliance Meter® to measure different areas of compliance in real time and display them through the meter.
The NIST Cyber Security Framework or NIST CSF has superseded all other methods of determining HIPAA compliance, and has become the accepted standard for proof.
Specifically, the Certified NIST CSF Risk Assessment is the badge to show to other organizations requiring HIPAA Proof.
Jumpstart is a method developed by Compliance Helper and ACR2 Solutions to automate the process of attaining and maintaining HIPAA compliance on the NIST CSF. This four step method enables an organization to get HIPAA compliant on the NIST CSF in 72 hours for under $1,000

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